Hi, I'm Corinne.

Clinical Psychologist & Therapist

I help people eliminate old patterns that control their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and self-identity. We remove barriers that hide their natural strengths and intrinsic wonder. I lead my clients to achieve their highest potential by building their confidence and teaching them to effectively advocate for themselves.

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Supporting Loved Ones: Effective Strategies to Overcome Family Loneliness cover image

Supporting Loved Ones: Effective Strategies to Overcome Family Loneliness

Discover practical strategies to support a family member struggling with loneliness. Learn how to initiate conversation, encourage social interaction, provide emotional support, and foster a sense of belonging.
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Loneliness Is Bigger Than The Holidays cover image

Loneliness Is Bigger Than The Holidays

Loneliness exists beyond the holidays, yet only during this family-themed season do we glimpse the despair endured by millions throughout the entire year.
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The Girlfriend That Didn't Exist, Except She Did. cover image

The Girlfriend That Didn't Exist, Except She Did.

At the behest of my mother, I recently sat down to watch the Untold Netflix docuseries, focusing on Manti Te'o and his experience with being catfished by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. While it may be easy to assert that Ronaiah is the story's villain, the true evil was the systemic failure to affirm diversity.
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The Realization of Harm cover image

The Realization of Harm

Claiming religious objection to providing life-saving services is an admission of personal apostasy. You are no longer serving God. I realized that in the years I was actively waving the banner of my faith, I was harming people I'd never met. I caused harm. I caused hurt. And I did it believing I was helping those who were suffering. I realized I was part of the problem after serving the communities I feared the most.
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Skiing, Lanes & False Memories cover image

Skiing, Lanes & False Memories

Skiing never came easy to me. My older brother was a phenomenal skier. It came naturally to him, or at least he made it appear so. Either way, it made my lack of talent even more evident and painful. And I do mean painful. My parents were relentless in their insistence I learn to ski, despite coming home from full-day classes with more bruises and fat lips than I can count.
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The Truth Lessons cover image

The Truth Lessons

What seems like a lifetime ago, I worked in advertising for a fellow named Tracy. He would occasionally tell the story of how he had won his most prominent client, an established and beloved grocery chain in Utah. While I'm sure he had caressed the story over the years, the underlying lesson was characterologically Tracy.
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