About Corinne

As a psychologist, researcher, and humanist with a rich background in technology and marketing consulting, I've traversed the globe fostering connections across cultures. Passionate about uniting humanity and challenging divisive norms, I write candidly about personal struggles, societal issues, and sources of hope. Originating from La Habra, California, and having spent considerable time in Utah, I now reside south of Denver, embracing Colorado as my home.

Official Biography

Corinne Votaw-Freer, PsyD (She/Her)

Corinne brings over 15 years of experience in supporting trauma survivors, holding roles such as Community Outreach Director, Researcher, Psychologist, and Writer. Prior to her engagement in the healing arts, she was a renowned consultant, offering guidance on healthcare policy to leaders at local, state, national, and international levels. Her notable roles include serving as the Outreach Director for The Truth Against Tobacco campaign, and consulting for various District Attorneys and Attorneys General on issues related to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), survivor outreach, and the prosecution of offenders.

In her more recent endeavors, Corinne has collaborated with organizations that provide housing and support to queer-identified homeless youth, advocated for gender equity, and conducted research to develop awareness and treatment guidelines for loneliness.

With over two decades of research in the social, biological, and psychological facets of gender, Corinne has designed and led training programs for community leaders, healthcare providers, religious figures, and business executives, aiming to foster affirming and supportive environments within their organizations.

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