Rates & Fees

Intake Appointment: $275

The intake appointment spans approximately 90 minutes and is required to begin treatment. This session includes gathering detailed information on the client's background, needs, desires, struggles, as well as their developmental, medical, and mental health history. For children and teen clients, the intake involves meeting with guardians, parents, caregivers, and the client to gather information on treatment and relevant factors such as academic performance, conflicts at home or in educational settings, support structures, sibling relationships, and parent-child dynamics.

50 Minute Individual Session: $200

A standard therapy session that may include therapy, conflict resolution, planning, resourcing, and assessment.

Insurance & Medicaid

I do not accept insurance; however, I can provide a statement for services that you are welcome to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement or application towards a deductible is dependent on your insurance provider, plan, and terms of service. I cannot guarantee that any services will be reimbursed or applied towards a health insurance plan.

I do not accept Medicaid. Unfortunately, Colorado prohibits the treatment of anyone currently enrolled in Medicaid via alternate payment methods. I find this policy unfortunate, especially considering the extended wait times to meet with a mental health provider for those enrolled in Medicaid.

I offer free 30-minute consultations as an opportunity for you to get to know me and see if I might be a good fit for your needs, struggles, desires, or in helping you level up your interpersonal and professional skills.

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